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Cover of forced bisexual adventures part 2 Gran Canarian sexual adventures


extract from the bisexual storybook forced bisexual adventure part 2 Gran Canarian sexual adventures



My ordeal at the hands of Anne and James had changed me forever. I was no longer the red bloodied heterosexual male I was. I was now fully bisexual with a hot craving for cock both orally and anally. It had to be with a female present husband or boyfriend, and preferably with the female forcing me to service the male’s cock. I was so affected by my ordeal with Anne and James being literally raped by both after losing to James in a high stakes wrestling match and crave more of the same. I couldn’t find any so in desperation I booked a holiday to Gran Canaria Playa De Inglis. I had been a few times before and had scored well with women on the cruising area of the dunes. Playa De Inglis is well known gay holiday destination and there were more gay men cruising the dunes than heterosexual couples. The last time I was there I had witnessed several bi sexual orgies in the dunes that being my hope relieve my craving. Also I knew if all else failed I could always suck another man off in the gay bar dark rooms and let one fuck me but it would be the same not what I was after.

I had been there three days the weather was wonderful there was plenty of action in the dunes but alas it was all heterosexual or gay. I was beginning to resign myself to visiting the gay bars that night. However as I was cruising the dunes I noticed an older German couple in a large hollow between three large dunes a notorious place for sex. They were on their own and naked, unlike the British the Germans and other Europeans don’t have the same fixation about nudity. I smiled at them both in turn, they both smiled back. The man was large a little overweight with a huge at cock kept erect by a large thick steel cock ring. The woman though old still a good figure with nice breasts her body like the man’s was hairless shaved. I decided to lay the other side of the hollow opposite them and see what happened.

I unrolled my beach mat I was only wearing sandals and brief tight fitting red speedos. I had a small bag with me containing a towel and a bottle of water. I kicked off my sandals and lay down conscious of the Germans eyes on me. I lay there for a few minutes eyes closed soaking in the hot sun then sat up. The German couple were watching me, they both smiled again, and I smiled back. It was a good sign, so I slipped my speedos off with their eyes watching my every move. I liked sun bathing nude so I always removed my speedos when on the beach or in the dunes. It was also a test to see if they were looking for fun and sex. Their eyes were fixed on cock and balls shaved clean like my upper body.

The man said something to me in German. When I didn’t answer the women said something to me in another language that sounded like Dutch. “Sorry I only speak English”, I replied. “Oh you are English”, the woman said. “We thought you were either German on Dutch, not many English men go nude and shave their bodies and genitals”, she added. “No I’m English shave my cock and balls and torso as its better for an all over tan”, I replied. “My name is Alan by the way”, I added. “Please to meet you Alan, I and Madelena”, Madelena stated. “This is Sigmund pointing to her husband. “Hi Sigmund”, I said. “Hi Alan”, Sigmund replied. “We like your young sexy body and cock Alan”, Madelena said. “Want to join us”, she added patting the sand between them. “Yes Madelena that would be a pleasure. I got up and picked up my things and carried them over. Madelena moved to make room for me between them.

I now lay between them they were both sat up either side of me, Madelena to my left, Sigmund to my right. “Mmmm I like your young sexy body Alan”, Madelena said running her hand over my chest, rubbing my left nipple with her fingernail. “Thanks you look good yourself, .nice tits”, I replied with a sigh, Madelena’s finger on my nipple was exciting me. “Yes Alan you have a good body”, Sigmund said running his had over my belly poking his finger in my navel. “Thanks Sigmund that’s some cock you have there”, I replied staring at his large thick cock unmistakeably erect, kept so by his large steel cock ring. My own cock started to stiffen as I looked at it. I kept glancing between Madelena’s breasts and Sigmund’s cock as we chatted my cock slowly stiffening. “You like men and women?”, Madelena asked. I nodded. “You are bisexual?”, she asked I nodded again. “You like sex with older people?”, Madelena asked. “I nodded and smiled. They both smiled broadly. “I have only had one bisexual adventure so far though”, I told them. “What was that Alan?”, Sigmund asked. I told them about my high stakes match with James and Anne and what happened. “Sounds like good fun to me”, Sigmund said. “Yes and you don’t mind losing it seems Alan?”, Madelena said. “Also if I’m right you like the female to control things make you submissive to her and the male?”, Madelena asked. “Yes you are right on all count Madelena”, I replied my cock twitching at the exciting implications of my confession.

May I Alan?”, Madelena asked reaching for my stiffening cock. “Please do”, I replied. “You know Alan you’re not like most English men, you like sex with men and women, not to mention older people”, Sigmund said as he tweaked my right nipple. “I suppose I am”, I replied with a deep sigh as Madelena clasped and squeezed my stiffening cock. “You like cock’s Alan?”, Sigmund asked. I nodded wincing as Madelena expertly peeled back my foreskin exposing my slick hard cock head. “Suck and taking?”, Sigmund asked still working on my right nipple. “Yes”, I gasped nodding as Madelena used her fingernail to tease the underside of my bared cock head making me instantly erect. “Good I’m sure we are going to have some fun with you now Alan”, Sigmund said letting go of my hard right nipple and sliding his hand down my chest towards my groin.

I leaned towards Madelena who was still wickedly teasing my cock head with her fingernail making my hard cock twitch with excitement and took her right nipple in my mouth. I sucked Madelena’s right nipple hard making her moan in pleasure. “Ya that is good Alan, .. very good”, Madelena moaned as I continued to suck her right nipple and knead her right tit with my hands. She stopped teasing my cock head with her fingernail and started to tease the highly sensitive spot between my arse and balls. Sigmund grasped my hard throbbing cock and started to pump it slowly. I moaned softly still sucking Madelena’s right nipple as Sigmund wanked my cock making me more and more excited. I shuddered in excitement as Madelena started to tickle my balls.

Sigmund’s slow deliberate wanks were making me shiver with excitement and rapidly pushing me to closer to ejaculation. When Madelena started to tickle my balls it pushed me even faster towards what would be a long and hard ejaculation. Madelena started to squeeze my balls softly and tentatively checking to see if I liked that or not. Encouraged by my gasps of excitement and my cock spasming fiercely in Sigmund’s grip, Madelena started to squeeze harder. It was ecstasy and I lapped it up gorging on Madelena’s right nipple as she worked on my balls and Sigmund continued his fiendishly slow but effective wanking of my cock. Madelena slipped her left hand between my legs and used her finger to probe my anus. My god they had me I was theirs and they knew it and they were going to make me cum hard and long as hard as long as they could.

Just when I was close to ejaculation and thought things couldn’t get anymore exciting Sigmund started to tease the same highly sensitive spot between my arse and balls Madelena had been working on. “Good you’ve fucking got me”, I gasped excitedly. “Yes Alan we know but work on both my tits make me cum as well”, Madelena replied. So I started to suck Madelena’s left nipple while still teasing her right nipple with my fingers. “Oh that’s so good Alan more, more”, Madelena gasped breathlessly. I sucked and tweaked hard making Madelena moan with pleasure. All the time Madelena was squeezing my balls, when she forced her finger up my bum I almost shot my load there and then not that it was very far away. Sigmund’s fiendish wanking and fingering was relentless and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

Suddenly Madelena gasped and her body stiffened as her cunt exploded pouring her hot juices out onto the towel she was lying on. She instinctively twisted the finger she had up my arse round several times and that was the end for me. I grunted as my cock exploded shooting spunk into the air. Sigmund and Madelena continued to tease my cock balls and arse making sure my ejaculation was long and draining. “We like to make men cum long and hard”, Madelena said breathlessly still trying to recover from her orgasm. “Ya drain them dry”, Sigmund said. I could believe it that had been one very heavy spunk sapping ejaculation. “That was a nice ejaculation Alan”, Madelena said lying back with a sigh. “Yes I gasped slumping weakly on my mat my body felt drained and exhausted. “You need to do something for Sigmund now”, Madelena said staring at his large and now highly aroused cock. “I will It will be a pleasure”, I replied. Yes but when you have your breath back”, Madelena said.

Nien I’m to hot to wait”, Sigmund said rolling me over and opening my legs wide. He produced a condom from his beach bag and slipped it on and then liberally coated it with lubrication also produced from his beach bag. “I hope you like being fucked by other men”, Sigmund said pressing the head of his cock against opening of my arse. “Yes I do”, I replied. “But I’ve never been fucked by a cock so big before”, I added hesitantly staring at his huge hard cock. “It doesn’t matter just fuck him for me darling”, Madelena said. “Give him a taste of you big German cock, stretch his tight English arse wide”, she added. “Oh my god”, I moaned my excitement increasing at Madelena’s words. My greatest fantasy was being forced to service another male either anally or orally hopefully both on the insistence of their female partner. Madelena was now insisting that Sigmund fuck me whether I wanted him to or not. That really turned me on and Madelena and Sigmund as well it seemed.

I groaned catching my breath as Sigmund started to force the head of his large hard cock into my arse. I winced as Sigmund’s cock stretched me wide wider than I had been stretched before. “Yes darling that’s it shove it in spread his English arse wide impale him on your big German cock”, Madelena shouted encouraging her husband. Sigmund kept forcing his cock in deeper making my anal muscles burn as they were spread wide. I whimpered weakly shuddering in pain and excitement as Sigmund’s big cock stretched my sphincter wide. Sigmund forced his cock all the way home then slowly drew it all the way out before forcing it back in again.

I was groaning and moaning my anal muscles complaining bitterly about being stretched and strained so much. “That’s it Sigmund fuck him fuck him hard with your big German cock”, Madelena shouted excitedly as Sigmund forced his large cock in and out of my arse. I had never felt so filled or stretched the initial pain made my eyes water. But slowly the pain gave way to pleasure and I was soon panting in excitement. “That’s it Sigmund fuck him hard and deep”, Madelena shouted as I gasped helplessly in excitement. “Faster, harder darling”, she added. Sigmund started to thrust harder and faster with his hard cock and quickly had me writhing helplessly in excitement. “That’s it you’ve got him Sigmund fuck him, fuck him and cum up is arse”, Madelena shouted. Sigmund continued to increase speed until he was ramming his large cock rapidly in and out of my arse taking total control of my highly aroused body. I had to take five more minutes of Sigmund’s rapid hard fucking before he grunted and his cock exploded up my arse. I shivered in excitement as I felt Sigmund’s hot spunk spurting into my arse and filling it.

Sigmund gasped and eased his softening cock out of my arse. “Well done darling I loved seeing you fill his English arse with German spunk for me”, Madelena said. “Did you enjoy that Alan?”, Madelena asked me. “Yes it was wonderful”, I croaked breathlessly as I lay the weak and even more exhausted. “Yes I could see that you really enjoyed taking Sigmund’s big hard cock”, Madelena said. “I can see it filled you very full as well”, Madelena added prying the cheeks of my arse open and watching the spunk ooze out of my arse. “I’ve never been fuck by such a big cock before”, I sighed weakly. “Well start sucking Sigmund’s cock to get it hard enough for him to fuck you again”, Madelena told me. “While I work on your cock to get it nice and hard to fuck me with”, she added. I rolled over with a sigh and let Sigmund press his semi-limp cock towards my mouth.

My cock went limp after Madelena and Sigmund made me cum and it only stiffened slightly as Sigmund fucked me till he cum in my arse. As maddeningly exciting as being fucked up the arse by another man’s cock or a dildo the strange thing is that it does not always make you hard particularly if you are not hard before it started. Madelena produced a steel cock ring from her beach bag and slipped it over my cock sliding it down to the root. She then took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. Sigmund watched us as he pulled off the used condom and threw it aside. I opened my mouth to sigh as Madelena started to suck my cock but Sigmund thrust his semi-hard cock into my mouth and I had to suck it. I sucked greedily on Sigmund’s cock making it stiffen rapidly and he moaned in satisfaction. “Oh ya, ya that is good”, Sigmund moaned. I was squirming with excitement from Madelena’s excited sucking of my cock that was stiffening just as rapidly as Sigmund’s.

That’s it Alan, get Sigmund’s cock nice and hard, hard enough to fuck you again”, Madelena said between hard sucks on my now hard throbbing cock. “Just like I’m doing to yours and the cock ring should keep you hard long enough to satisfy me”, she added. It was true my cock was now hard really hard kept so by the steel cock ring. “Hard enough yet darling?”, Madelena asked her husband. “Yes darling”, Sigmund replied with an excited sigh. “Good Alan is too”, Madelena said releasing my cock. “Come on Alan you can fuck me now”, Madelena said searching in her bag for a condom. I stopped sucking Sigmund’s cock and sat up and let Madelena slip a condom on my cock. My cock was now very hard a deep shiny red colour bloated with excited blood it twitched excitedly as Madelena rolled the condom over it. I waited while Madelena lubricated it with some of Sigmund’s lubricant. I waited while Madelena lay on her back then climbed on top of her and slipped my hard cock into Madelena’s cunt.

Madelena sighed as I slipped my hard cock into her cunt. “Oh yes that is good”, she sighed. “Fuck me with it, fuck me hard”, she added. I started to force my cock in and out of Madelena’s cunt making her moan with pleasure. “Faster Alan harder”, Madelena ordered. I increased my speed thrusting my cock as hard as I could into Madelena’s cunt. Sigmund watched as he slipped another condom onto his large erect cock and lubricated it ready to fuck me again. I was making Madelena moan and gasp in excitement as I fucked her hard and fast. She let out a squeal of delight as she had an orgasm she immediately clamped her cunt muscles tightly around my thrusting cock making me gasp in excitement. I then gasped even louder as I felt Sigmund’s cock slip into my arse. Sigmund pressed his large hard cock all the way into my arse loving the way if made me cringe with excitement.

You like it Alan my big German cock up your arse?”, Sigmund asked. “Yes”, I gasped breathlessly as kept his large hard cock thrust deep into my arse. “Don’t stop Alan, fuck me harder, fuck me harder”, Madelena shouted in frustration. The excitement of having Sigmund large hard cock up my arse made me stop fucking Madelena. My cock like Sigmund’s was thrust deep into Madelena’ cunt and her cunt muscles were squeezing it hard. I slid my cock slowly out of Madelena’s cunt before driving it back in. “Oh yes Alan so good, but faster, harder”, Madelena moaned.

I increased speed and shivered helplessly as Sigmund started to fuck me up the arse. I was soon pounding my cock in and out of Madelena’s cunt as hard and as fast as I could making her gasp and moan in excitement. All the time Sigmund’s cock was hammering in and out of my arse. “Eeeeeaaah”, Madelena screamed as she had another shattering orgasm. Instantly her cunt muscles clamped my cock in a vice like grip. I let out a helpless gasp of excitement nearly shooting everything into Madelena’s cunt.

I’ve got your cock now haven’t I Alan?”, Madelena asked smiling wickedly as I squirmed helplessly. “Yes, oh fuck you have”, I croaked weakly. My thrusts into Madelena’s cunt slowed and in frustration she started to move her cunt against my cock, fucking me as much as I was fucking her. Sigmund’s large hard cock was still hammering in and out of my arse. I was sandwiched between them being fucked by both of them. Madelena’s cunt was now riding my cock hard squeezing so hard I was wincing, all the time Sigmund’s cock was ramming me up the arse getting me more and more excited. “Oh Alan this is so good we have both got you helpless now”, Madelena said pressing lips to mine and kissing me hard. Her tongue entered my mouth and trapped mine beneath it and she started to tongue fuck me a well. It was just too much for me Madelena’s crushing and riding of my cock, her probing tongue and Sigmund’s hard relentlessly ramming cock.

I let out a muffled screamed as my cock exploded in Madelena’s cunt. She screamed as my hot spunk pumped into her cunt as she had her third shattering orgasm. Her strong cunt muscles clamped even tighter on my cock making sure she drained me dry. I came so long and hard I thought I was going to pass out from the exhaustion. But to my horror Madelena and Sigmund didn’t stop fucking me as I was now sandwiched unmoving between them too weak to do anything. Madelena continued to ride my cock that stayed rock hard due to the steel cock ring while Sigmund continued to ram his cock in and out of my arse driving me wild with excitement. “Oh Ya, ..ya, yaaaaaaaaaa”, Sigmund grunted as his cock shot a long heavy load of spunk into my arse. I gasped excitedly as I felt Sigmund’s hot sunk filling my arse and my own cock responded firing another load into Madelena’s cunt.

Madelena squealed in delight as she had her forth orgasm. It was the end for me and I passed out slipping into a black pit of total weariness. I came around a few minutes later and saw Madelena and Sigmund kneeling either side of me their red flushed faces smiling down into mine. “That was good you are good little English fuck puppy Alan”, Madelena said smiling mischievously. “Here you better drink some of this you need it”, Madelena said holding a bottle of water to my parched lips. I swallowed several long gulps and felt life start to seep back into my weary limbs. I looked around when I felt a little better and realised a small crowd had gathered to watch me being fucked unconscious between Sigmund and Madelena. There were two naked men naked and sporting large erections more than likely gay. Two elderly naked German couples and younger couple English by their appearance of their dress the man in a vest and swim shorts and the woman in a dark blue bikini.

By friar Copyright 2009

Extract from a longer story

Wednesday 24 February 2021

cover of forced bisexual adventures part 1 high stakes challenge available from battle annals


extract from of forced bisexual adventures part 1 high stakes challenge available from battle annals


Hi stakes wrestling

Anne stood up and smiled at her husband. “Its cock sucking time now James”, Anne said looking contemptuously down at me still groaning from the gut and ball punishment. “That’s true Darling”, James replied. “Come lose time to suck my cock”, James said releasing me from the camel clutch and letting me drop to the mats. I flopped to the mats my cupping my aching balls and lay there moaning softly. “Come on get up on your knees cock sucker”, Anne ordered. “Time to suck the winner’s cock loser”, she added. I groaned deeply but struggled to my knees and turned round to face James. I knelt in front of James may face level with the large bugle in his black briefs. I nodded. “Every sucked another man’s cock before?”, Anne asked me. “No”, I replied. “Ever wanted to?”, she asked. “No”, I replied. “But you are going to suck James’s cock?”, Anne asked. “Yes”, I replied after a short delay. “Good, this is going to be even better than I thought”, Anne said smiling wickedly. “OK cock sucker, take his briefs off and look at the winners cock you’re going to suck”, Anne ordered. I stared at Anne then James their faces were filled with eager anticipation and with trembling fingers I clasped the sides of James’s black briefs and pulled them down to his knees.

James’s semi-stiff cock flopped free of his briefs and hung just an inch or two from my face, it was surrounded by a dark thatch of black pubic hair, and two large heavy balls hanging in his scrotum. “I really think he’s going to do it Darling”, Anne said the excitement clear in her voice. “Yes Darling I do believe you are right”, James replied. “Well are you going to suck it loser?”, Anne asked as I stared at James cock and balls wondering if I could make myself suck another man’s cock. When I agreed to the match it was in the belief that I would win and James would be sucking my cock after seeing me fuck Anne, now it was me who was facing the prospect of sucking another man’s cock. My tongue was dry in my mouth and I felt lethargic, unable or unwilling to move. “Come cock sucker, …suck it”, Anne snapped. Could I cross that barrier, suck another man’s cock, do I want to, will I, these thoughts ran round and round in my head as I stared at James ‘s cock. The answer to all three questions was no I kept telling myself, yet deep down I wasn’t so sure, deep down I think I really wanted to do it. But not willingly, be compelled to do it, gave me some comfort but I think in reality it only made it more exciting for me. I don’t think it was the real driver, deep down I think I really wanted to do it.

My cock had softened while I lay cupping my balls and it now stiffened as I contemplated sucking James’s cock. That was the most scary but exciting part of it all. “Come on you agreed to if you lost now suck his cock”, Anne said doubt starting to creep into her voice as I seemed increasingly reluctant to suck James’s cock in her eyes at least. “Yes come on cock sucker suck my cock, or do I have to put you in more holds until you do”, James said sternly. I watched in fascination as his cock started to stiffen in front of my eyes until it was sticking out from his groin.

It continued to stiffen and lengthen the head peeling slowly back to reveal a slick large bulbous cock head. There were beads of precum oozing out of his urethra. Could I actually suck it, I wondered again staring at the flaring slick cock head. “Come on suck it, ..suck it for me Alan”, Anne said excitedly. I watched enthralled my heart thumping and the blood pounding in my ears as James eased his cock forward brushing it against my chin. He rubbed it along my lips coating them with his precum. James pressed his cock head harder against them and to my surprise I opened my mouth and I let him push his cock into it. “Good he’s going to do it Darling”, I heard Anne gasp in shock. “Yes of course the cock sucker is Darling”, James replied sliding his cock head inside my mouth. I couldn’t believe how aroused and excited I was my cock was now very hard, almost painfully hard, jutting out from my groin, all because I had another man’s cock in my mouth. I felt some of James’s precum trickle onto my tongue and then either through instinct or desire my tongue started to probe the underside of James’s hard, excited cock head. “Oh fuck, …. oh shit, …that’s so fucking good”, James moaned as my tongue teased his excited cock head. James pushed his cock in deeper making me gag then pulled it back so only his cock head was inside my mouth. I responded by starting to suck his cock head, using long slow hard sucks making him moan and shudder with excitement. My head span in a heady mixture of confusion and excitement as I tried to come to terms with the realisation that I was sucking another man’s cock. “God, he’s doing really doing it Darling”, Anne gasped breathlessly. Its so fucking horny seeing a man do that you to you, a man made to do that to you Darling”, Anne added with a deep satisfied sigh.

I went to work on James’s cock in earnest with my tongue, making him gasp and moan in excitement. “Oh god, ….oh shit, that’s so fucking good”, James gasped shivering with excitement. “My god Darling, he is really doing it”, Anne said in shocked delight. “It’s the first time I’ve seen another man suck your cock Darling and its s fucking horny”, Anne added. I stopped sucking James’s cock and stared in shock at Anne. They had both said or implied at least that James had wrestled other guys and beaten them and made them suck his cock, now it seemed that I was the first one to agree to this forfeit or at least carry it out. “Yes Alan, you’re the first of the six guys James has beaten, who has actually gone through with the forfeit and sucked his cock. “Its so horny, I’ve been waiting ages to see this, so don’t stop, its pointless now”, she added. “Yeah come on Alan suck my cock again”, James said pressing his throbbing cock head against my lips. “You may never have sucked another man’s cock before, but you are dam good at it Alan”, James added.

I stared first at James, then at Anne. This would have been a good time to back out and leave with my dignity just about in tact. However to my surprise and their delight I opened my mouth and let James push his cock head back in it. “Oh god yes this is so fucking awesome”, Anne said kneeling right next to us, her face very close to where I was sucking her husband’s cock, not wanting to miss anything. I started on James’s cock and again and soon had him gasping and moaning with delight. “Oh god this is fucking great”, James moaned in delight as I continued to suck his cock making him more and more excited. “Alan suck him hard, ..faster”, Anne said clasping my head and forcing it onto her husband’s hard, throbbing cock. “Oh fuck this is too much I don’t know how much longer I can last”, James moaned breathlessly his hips gyrating rapidly, as I sucked his cock hard. “Oh yes Alan make him cum, ..make him cum”, Anne shouted in excitement. “Don’t worry I think he’s about to”, I replied slipping my mouth off James’s all but exploding cock.

No don’t stop, …. keep going, ..keep going”, Anne said pushing my face back towards her husband’s wildly throbbing cock. I opened my mouth to protest and as I did, spunk shot out of the end of James’s cock splattering over my face between my upper lip and below my nose, it ran down my chin and onto my chest a little ending up in my mouth. Anne held my head in place with both hands while several more jets of spunk were pumped out of her husband’s cock onto my face. She stared up in awe at her husband as he ejaculated over my face. “Oh god Darling, you did it, …. he did it, he made you cum, … and let you cum on his face”, Anne said in confused excitement. “Yes Darling, now he’s a real cock sucking loser”, James replied panting heavily from the exertion of his forced ejaculation. I was just as shocked and excited as James and Anne. My first time sucking another man’s cock, my first time making him cum and letting him cum on my face. As exciting and shocking as this was for me, James and particularly Anne, had a lot more install for me yet as it turned out.

Sit down Darling and rest”, Anne said pushing her husband toward the settee. “When you have rested I want you to fuck him”, she added. “What?”, James asked in shock. “Well he’s sucked cock, now I want to see him take a cock up his arse”, Anne replied. “Hey come on wait a minute”, I said not liking the idea at all. “You shut up loser, cock sucker”, Anne replied grappling me to the ground. She climbed astride my chest and pinned my arms to the mats above me head. “I’m going to have some fun with you Alan while James recovers enough to fuck you”, Ann said and she inched up my chest pinning my shoulders under her knees. “Hey I’m not going to be fucked”, I protested struggling to unseat Anne.

No cock sucker?, ….. we shall see?”, Anne replied easily riding out my weak attempts to get her off my shoulders. “You’re too weak to do anything about it Alan and in no position to stop us”, Anne said as I continued to struggle still failing to get her off. Anne inched up a little more until my head was deep between her thighs with my face almost touching her naked hairy cunt.

I’m going to get you off”, I said struggling harder. “No you won’t cock sucker”, Anne replied still keeping me down despite my hard struggles to free myself. “I’ll make you an offer Alan if you can get me off before James has recovered I’ll let you go”, Anne said. “If you don’t then you will let James fuck you”, she added. “That’s not much of an offer”, I replied. “It’s the best you’ll get loser”, Anne said. “You’re only scared to agree because you know you can’t get me off wimp, .. cock sucker”, Anne added. “I’m going to get you off you see”, I replied struggling even harder. My stiff cock twitching with excitement. I didn’t know if it was twitching because Anne had me pined beneath, in this sexy dominating hold or it was thinking about losing and being fucked by James. “So you agree then?”, Anne asked she fought to keep my shoulders down. “Yes and I’ll be free in moments”, I replied my excited cock twitching even more. I struggled furiously for several minutes but never succeeded in unseating Anne all I managed to do was exhaust myself. When James stood up recovered from his ejaculation I was still firmly pinned under his wife Anne. I was sweating and panting from the exertion, too weak to struggle anymore.

Do you really want me to fuck him Darling?”, James asked as he stood looking down at us. “Yes of course I do, I’ve wanted to see that just as long as I wanted to see a man suck another man off”, Anne replied. “I bet Alan’s never had anything up his arse before”, James stated “I’m sure his arse will be way too tight to take my cock”, he added. “Yes but so were you Darling but we cured that didn’t we”, Anne replied. “Yes”, James said his soft cock stiffening as he recalled being finger fucked and eventually fucked by a vibrator then a rubber dildo by his wife Anne. “You know where the stuff is go get it and start working on Alan’s arse to loosen it up enough to take your cock”, Anne added. Alan left the room leaving Anne and me alone. “OK Alan you’re nice and weak now but I want you even weaker”, Anne said pressing her naked hairy crotch tight into my face.

Mmmm, …nnnngh”, I mumbled unable to breathe through Anne crotch smother. “Oh this is so god having you like this Alan”, Anne said smiling down into my concerned face as the air in my lungs started to run out. “I love the idea of beating and dominating a man physically”, Anne added. My eyes widened pleading with Anne for mercy as my lungs started to burn. “I love doing this to a man if I get the chance”, she added. “Hi Darling just weakening Alan some more so he’s complaint when you fuck him”, Anne said to James who returned with lubricant and some variously sized vibrators and dildo’s. “Just like I’ve done to you Darling”, Anne added. “Tell me about it”, James replied kneeling in the mats and spreading my legs wide. James placed the backs of my legs on his thighs, raising my legs off the mats and exposing my arse. “That’s it Darling grease him and stretch him so he can take your cock up the arse”, Anne said. “While I keep him like this”, she added. “Yes of course Darling”, James replied coating his forefinger with lubricant and wiping it around the entrance to my arse.

I gasped and a shiver of excitement ran down my spine as I felt James’s finger probing the entrance of my arse coating it with lubricant. “Yes Alan its very exciting and you’ll love it once you get over the initial pain”, Anne said smiling into my face flushed face, she could feel the exited tremors rippling through my body as her husband’s forefinger caressed the opening of my arse as he applied lubrication to it. Anne had eased the pressure of her crotch smother allowing me to breathe a little, keeping me conscious but weak and complaint. My body stiffened when I felt James’s forefinger pressing against my arse forcing its way in. I grimaced, it hurt even with the lubrication, it felt like it was burning my arse as his forefinger slipped slowly deeper into my arse eased by the lubrication. James forced his finger in up to the knuckle then eased it back out again. I flinched and twisted from the burning painful sensation of James’s forefinger slowly stretching my anal muscles apart. He applied more lubricant to it and repeated this several times until it slid in and out with ease. I was still twisting and flinching but not from pain, from excitement, the maddeningly excited sensation of James’s forefinger fucking my tight virgin arse was irresistible. My cock had shriveled to a little stump due the burning pain of the initial penetration, was now hard and throbbing with excitement again

Satisfied James started to force his forefinger in deeper and the burning sensation returned with renewed fury. I twisted and flinched gasping in pain my sphincter resisting the invasion, my cock deflated rapidly as James slowly forced his forefinger all the way in. He eased it out again drawing even more painful sensations from my sphincter. James added more lubricant to his forefinger and forced it in and out again over and over slowly stretching my sphincter until the pain turned to pleasure and he had me twisting under Anne in excited delight, my cock rock hard once more. “See Alan I told you, you would like it”, Anne said grinning as I gaped open mouthed with excited arousal, moaning helplessly. “He loves it Darling just like you do”, Anne said to her husband.

Yes I can see that Darling”, James replied. “His cock is now harder and bigger than ever”, he added staring at my hard, throbbing cock, dark and bloated as more blood was being pumped into it by my spiralling arousal. “Ok I think he’s ready for the first vibrator now Darling”, Anne said. “Yes I believe you are right Darling”, James replied lubricating the small with plastic vibrator. “The vibrator up your arse is going to drive you wild Alan, ..wild”, Anne said smiling into my flushed face.

Fuck”, I gasped my body tensing again as James started to force the end of the smallest vibrator into my arse. It was thicker than his forefinger and it hurt as it started spreading and stretching my anal muscles wider. Again I was gripped by the hot burning sensation in my anal muscles as the vibrator slowly penetrated my arse. James pushed it about half way in, then drew it out before pushing it back in. James did this several times until my anal muscles were stretched and relaxed and the pain turned to pleasure. “Ohhh god, oh fucking hell”, I moaned breathlessly as James fucked my arse with the vibrator making me shiver in delight. “OK Darling he likes that give him it all now”, Anne said. “Yes Darling”, James replied and started to force the vibrator deeper into my arse. “Shit”, I gasped as the vibrator spread my sphincter wider than it had before, it fucking hurt until the head was through. I flinched, mouth agape as James slowly forced the vibrator all the way in. It invaded me, filled my arse, stretched it wider than ever before. “Yes Alan its only fitting you feel what its like to have a cock in you, to be filled and spread”, Anne said smiling down into my red sweat soaked face. “I’m only sorry its not me doing it to you, but I’ll have that pleasure later I’m sure”, she added with a wicked grin.

I caught my breath as James started to draw the vibrator out of my arse painfully stimulating my sphincter again. James coated it with more lubricant before slipping it slowly back into my arse. I sighed and gasped as it spread me again, stretching my sphincter but not as painfully this time. James fed it all they way in the slipped it out, several times until I was twisting and gasping with delight. “You like being fucked up the arse don’t you Alan?”, Anne asked as I twisted and writhed underneath her. “Like all men do after they get over the initial pain and shock”, she added. “Yes, .. Yes,.. Anne”, I gasped. “N,…never felt so excited”, I added breathlessly. “Darling he’s now ready for the next stage”, Anne said to James her husband. “Push it right in and switch it on”, she added. “Yes of course Darling”, James replied feeding the vibrator all the way in. My body stiffened in anticipation of what the vibrator running would feel like.

Ok Alan here it comes enjoy it I’m sure you will”, James said as he turned the cap on the vibrator switching it on. My eyes bulged and I gasped breathlessly as the vibrations stimulated my anal muscles driving me wild with excitement. The vibration made my anal muscle tingle with delight then throb with excitement. The tingling spread to my hard cock making me even harder, so hard it was painful. My anal muscles and nerves started to respond to the vibrations sending surges of excitement rippling through my body. My hips writhed and my anal muscles clenched and unclenched until I was virtually fucking my own arse with the vibrator. “You love it don’t you Alan you love your arse fucked don’t?”, Anne said smiling wickedly into my face. “Yes, …yes”, I croaked breathlessly shuddering helplessly. The vibrator had taken total control of my body and was driving me wild with excited arousal. “I bet you’re hard now Alan, harder than you’ve ever been before”, Anne said reaching back and clasping my cock.

Noooo”, I croaked weakly my cock was no so sensitive even the air circulating round it was driving me wild. When Anne grabbed and squeezed it hard my heart missed a beat and I screamed aloud in delight never so excited and aroused before. “Cum for me Alan, ..come now”, Anne said squeezing my cock harder. “Yes cum for us Alan cum for us now, cum because you have a vibrator tight up your arse”, James said clasping my scrotum. My balls were even more excited and sensitive than my cock if that was possible. When James took them in his hand it was the last straw and I screamed aloud and my cock exploded shooting several long spurts of spunk into the air. Anne continued to pump my cock and James continued to squeeze my balls softly making my ejaculation long and draining. They didn’t stop until they drained my balls dry. “Wow what a mother load of cum you shot”, Anne said as my cock started to go soften him her hand. However vibrator was still buzzing away in my arse ensuring my cock stayed quite hard.

OK Darling, I think its time for a larger dildo now and a cock ring for Alan to keep him nice a hard”, Anne said. Alan chose a larger solid black rubber dildo large the small vibrator but not as big or long as his erect cock, he showed it to Anne who nodded. “Perfect Darling, I’ll lubricate it while you get a cock ring. Alan departed and returned shortly with a metal cock ring. Meanwhile Anne had coated the back dildo with lubricant. My heart had stopped pounding and my breathing was less frantic my cock had softened a little more but not too much the buzzing vibrator made sure of that. “Swap you Darling”, Anne said offering the lubricated dildo. Alan took the dildo and handed her the metal cock ring. “OK Alan this will keep you nice and hard”, Anne said slipping the metal cock on my cock. She forced it all the way down the root of my almost fully erect cock.

It was snug, tight fit and I watched amazed as my cock started to stiffen, stimulated by the excited vibration of the buzzing vibrator up my arse. “Mmm, .. yes back to fully hard”, Anne said stroking my fully erect cock. “But I’m sure it will get even harder now Alan, harder than ever before”, she added tickling the under side of my cock head with her finger tip, mercilessly teasing the arrowhead. I gasped, moaning in excitement my cock now harder than iron maintained by the steely grip the cock ring.

OK Darling he’s ready for the bigger dildo now”, Anne said. James switched off the vibrator and drew it slowly out of my arse loving the way and moaned and sighed weakly. James smiled at his wife Anne and started to push the larger black dildo up my arse. “Fuck”, I croaked as the head of dildo spread my anal muscles wider than the vibrator. The burning pain returned but less intensely as my anal muscle were a little looser now, and used to be stretched by the vibrator. I still gasped and my body tensing as James slowly fed the black dildo all the way in. I grunted in pain as my sphincter was spread wider by the larger dildo. The Black rubber dildo was not only thicker but also longer than the vibrator. I’d barley got over the stretching of my sphincter when it stared to penetrate deeper spreading my un-stretched deeper anal muscle wide apart. James fed the dildo all the way in and left it there for a few seconds as I writhed my arse filled and penetrated deeper and wider than ever before. My cock slowly stiffened and grew as the dildo bore its way into my arse until it was larger and hard than it had ever been before. It dark red and shiny bloated with excited blood.

James started to ease the dildo all the way out making me moan and whimper weakly. He added more lubricant before feeding it all the way back in. James did this many times slowly getting faster until I was gasping and writhing in delight my cock throbbing and twitching with exited arousal. It had never been so hard or so sensitive. “My, you do like a cock up your arse Alan”, Anne said. “Your cock is now much more impressive, so hard and no doubt so sensitive”, she add teasing my flaring cock head with the tip of her finger. “Shit”, I moaned breathlessly my cock surging with excited arousal at her soft maddening caress. “Good darling, keep fucking him hard with that black rubber dildo, stretch and spread him wider, he has to take your cock”, Anne said as she continued to tease my cock head. James did just that, he really fucked my arse hard and fast with the black rubber dildo making me almost delirious with excited arousal. My cock throbbed wildly, more excited than I could ever remember it, but I didn’t cum. The steel cock ring kept my cock hard but it also delayed my ejaculation. I twisted and writhed helplessly eager to cum, wanting to cum, but it didn’t happen. It was maddening the arousal and excitement was sapping my strength, weakening me taking everything out of me and there was no release, no ejaculation!

Yes Alan, that cock ring controls you in more ways than one”, Anne said as I stared at her dumfounded unable to understand why I was desperate to cum, but couldn’t. “You want to cum, need to cum but you can’t?”, Anne said with a wicked smile. “Don’t worry you will cum Alan but not for a little while, after I have had fun riding your cock, now its nice an big”, Anne added. Anne eased back down my chest and raised her self above my cock that was now hard, huge and rigid, pointing straight up in the air, almost black with bloated blood. Anne lowered herself onto my cock, and sighed as my hard bloated cock filled her cunt making her squirm with excitement. “That cock ring makes you like my human dildo Alan”, Anne said breathlessly as she rode my cock faster and faster getting more and more excited. “Alan I’m going to ride your cock to multiple orgasms until I finally let you, … make you cum”, Anne added huskily.

By Friar Copyright 2010

extract from a longer story where a guy wrestlers another the prize for him to fuck his wife the penalty for losing to suck her husband ad be fucked by him. This extract started after the guy losers and has to suck the husbands cock and be fucked up the arse by the husband with ever larger dildos the story continues with the husband and wife both fucking the losers

cover of turned bi by burglars available from battle-annals


extract from the bisexual storybook turned bi by burglars available from battle annals


Turned Bi By Burglars

A few days later Todd returned to the room he shared with Robert to find Maxine in the room with Robert on Robert’s bed in just their underwear, from their flushed faces Todd could tell they had been enjoying each others bodies, “Want me to go and give you sometime?”, Todd asked his eyes centering on the bugle in Robert’s underpants and not at Maxine’s tits as would have been expected, definitely what he would have done before London. “No, you can stay nothing heavy going on”, Robert replied. “No blame me, I can’t keep my hands off his hot body”, Maxine said. “I’ll take a shower then”, Todd said. “Yes please do”, Maxine replied. It will be good seeing two sexy nearly naked male bodies”, she added with a grin. Todd smiled and stripped down to his underpants and taking a towel from the wardrobe draw went into the on suit shower room. While Todd was undressing he was conscious of Robert and Maxine’s eyes on him and he couldn’t help getting noticeably stiff, much to their amusement.

After he had showered and was now relaxed again much to his relief as he sat on the bed opposite Robert and Maxine all three of their just in their underwear. It was obvious Robert and Maxine had been enjoying themselves again while Todd was in shower, their faces were flushed and Robert’s cock bulged large in his white Kalvin Clein’s. “Feel better after your shower Todd?”, Maxine asked. “Yes more relaxed thanks”, Todd replied. “Yes I can see that”, Maxine said smiling starting at the front of Todd’s blue and white Punto Blanco briefs. “Yeah but for how long”, Robert said. “Robert thinks you keep looking at his cock and getting hard Todd”, Maxine said. “Not just me, all the guys in the team think Todd looks at their cocks and get s hard”, Robert corrected. “He’s always stiff in the locker room and showers”, Robert added. “Robert thinks you’re gay and he’s worried about sharing with you”, Maxine said. “But Jodie doesn’t think so she said Todd fucked her well but not as hard and forceful s he did. Jodie was Todd’s ex-girlfriend and since coming back form London, after a couple of lackluster sexually encounter with her they had drifted apart.

No he keeps looking at my cock and now he’s getting stiff again”, Robert said pointing at the growing bulge in Todd’s blue and white Punto Blanco briefs. “Don’t worry Rob I’m not gay”, Todd said. “You never used to be you mean”, Robert replied. “I’m not gay believe me”, Todd said. “So you’re not gay, but you’re not the Todd we all know since you come back from London”, Robert replied. “Yes Jodie thought that too, something was different about you”, Maxine said. “The last time she said rather than you fucking her to delirium, she felt like she was fucking you as much as you were fucking her”, Maxine added. “So come on Todd what happened to you in London?”, Robert asked. “You’re much quieter now more introverted”, Robert added. “OK, ...OK, ..if you must know I was sexually assaulted by three burglars at the house I was house sitting”, Todd replied. “Who, ... how?”, Robert asked in shock. “Two men and women, and the women made me suck the men’s cock and then made them fuck me”, Todd replied. “All three of them raped and sexually assaulted me”, he added.

Oh my god”, Maxine said in shock. “Shit mate I’m sorry no fucking wonder”, Robert said shaking his head. “It must have been terrible”, Maxine said. “I hope it hasn’t scarred you for life, things like that can”, she added. “I wouldn’t say I was scarred but it has effected me as I told the councilor I cannot look at another guys cock now or package without wondering what it would taste like of feel like up my arse”, Todd replied. “I don’t just want sex with another guy it has to be with his girlfriend and then her making me that what turns me on sex with a couple controlled by the dominant woman”, Todd added. “I didn’t know what to say Robert said, shocked and confused. “So you are bisexual?”, Maxine asked. “Yes so the councilor thought and it took this to bring it out early”, Todd replied. “But only with couples as I’ve explained”, Todd added hastily. .”So you are submissive now?”, Maxine asked. “Yes I suppose I must be, in the scenario I’ve explained”, Todd replied. “That’s fascinating and quite horny”, Maxine stated.

What you like the idea of Todd sucking another mans cock and letting another man fuck him?”, Robert asked in shock. “Yes particularly if it’s the guys girlfriend calling the shots”, Maxine replied. “I know you are always fighting to be on top when we fuck”, Robert said. “But I didn’t think your wish to be on top went that far”, he added. “Not with you Robert I know you’d never let that happen”, Maxine replied. “But with a submissive guy like Todd says he is would be areal turn on”, she added. “You want to see Todd suck my cock?”, Robert asked. “Then watch me fuck Todd up the arse”? he added. “Yes I fantasies about controlling guys particularly in threesome”, Maxine replied. “Forcing the weakest and less aggressive guy to suck the others cock and then watch him being fucked by the cock he’s just sucked”, she added. “Fucking hell you are a dark horse for sure”, Robert said.

Well Todd you say you like being made to do things by a girl to her boyfriend how about me, would you do what I say”, Maxine asked. “Maybe I don’t know”, Todd replied. “How far would you go, would you suck your room mate for me let him fuck you”, Maxine asked and excited glint in her eyes. “I don’t know, .. that’s a big step”, Todd replied nervously. “OK let’s play it step by step Todd”, Maxine said. “If I asked you to take off your underpants for me would you do so”? Maxine asked. “Eh, well, .... I suppose so”, Todd replied sheepishly. “OK Todd do it, take your underpants off now”, Maxine said. “What now?”, Todd asked blushing slightly looking first at Maxine then at Robert. “It’s your move Todd time for you to find out if you really are bisexual”, Robert replied. “I don’t think you will I still think you are a closet homo”, Robert added.

Well Todd you taking them off?”, Maxine asked . “Or do you want me to take them off for you?”, she added. Maxine stood up and walked over to Todd’s bad the started to reach for the waist band of Todd’s blue and white Punto Blanco briefs. “No, .. no, ....OK, .....I’ll do it”, Todd said blocking Maxine hands with his own, only an inch or two from the waistband of his underpants. “OK come on the Todd”, Maxine said folding her arms in front of her chest.“Yeah come on Todd”, Robert said his arms folded in front of him as well. Todd looked at Robert then Maxine and then slowly lipped his underpants off dropping the on the bed beside him. “Wow nice cock, Jodie wasn’t exaggerating”, Maxine said staring as Todd’s slowly stiffening cock. “Yeah he’s always had a good one”, Robert said nodding his head and starting at Todd’s cock. “OK, step one Todd, how about getting yourself properly hard for us now”, Maxine said. “What you mean?”, Todd asked his cock started to stiffen faster as he realised Maxine wanted him to jack off in front of them. “How else”, replied Maxine. “Unless you want me to do that for you”?, she asked. “No, OK, ... I’ll do it”, Todd said holding his hands up in front of him. “OK Todd anytime you are ready”, Maxine said. “Fuck it the guys in the team are going to love hearing about this”, Robert said chuckling.

Todd started to stroke his half erect cock making it harder and bigger with every slow stroke. Maxine and Robert watched intently as Todd stroked himself hard, pulling the foreskin of his cock nearly all the way back with every stroke. “Do you want me to make myself cum”, Todd asked panting as pre-cum fluid leaked from the head of his fully erect throbbing cock. “No stop, that’s enough for now”, Maxine replied. “I want a much better look at that now”, she added. Todd let go of his cock and placed his hands on the bed beside him leaving his fully erect cock jutting out from his groin. “That is a really nice cock maybe a tiny bit bigger than yours Robert”, Maxine said staring at Todd’s cock. “Maybe just a bit”, Robert conceded. “But one fucking rampant cock”, he added. “Yes it is very nice indeed”, Maxine said tickling the underside of Todd’s cock head smiling as it twitched and the foreskin peeled right back on its own. Maxing then fondled Todd scrotum giggling his balls around in her hand. “Oh I wouldn’t let her”, Robert started to say. A stern glance from Maxine made him fall silent.

Would you really suck Robert’s cock if I asked you to?”, Maxine asked. “Maybe”, Todd replied defensively. “But I thought you liked the idea of being made to suck another mans cock by his girl friend”, Maxine stated. . “I do”, Todd replied. “But I’m not sure if it extends as far as sucking Robert’s cock”, Todd added. “What if I did something to you to make you Todd?”, Maxine asked she was still playing with his scrotum. “Yeah like what”, Todd replied. “How about this?”, Maxine asked squeezing Todd’s balls just hard enough to make it painful. “Oh shit”, Todd sighed, his face reddening. “Well Todd want to reconsider, ..want to suck Robert’s cock now?”, Maxine asked squeezing slightly harder. “No”, Todd replied tightly shaking his head. “Well tell me when you do”, Maxine said staring to squeeze harder. “Oh shit my balls please stop”, Todd moaned closing his legs and grabbing Maxine hand that had his balls. “All you have to say Todd is the magic words let me suck your cock Robert”, Maxine stated as she kept squeezing Todd’s balls. Todd winced and screwed up his face a Maxine continued to make his balls hurt.

That was a mistake letting her get hold of your balls Todd”, Robert said. “She won’t let go until you do what she says”, Robert added. “Yes he’s right Todd you have a choice its suck Robert’s cock or I squeeze your balls till they drop off”, Maxine said. “Please my balls they are killing me”, Todd whimpered. “Then say you want to suck Roberts cock”, Maxine demanded. “No better still ask Robert if you can suck his cock”, Maxine added. “Oh shit please”, Todd moaned. Then say it Todd”, Maxine replied. “OK I’ll do it, ...please”. Todd groaned. “Robert may I suck your cock?”, Todd asked. “Well done Todd, ..good boy”, Maxine said releasing Todd’s balls. “Yes Todd you can suck it mate”, Robert replied removing his briefs. Robert’s cock was still semi-hard and he pushed it towards Todd’s face. Todd was leaning back against the headboard moaning holding his aching balls. He watched transfixed as Robert his room mate and five aside football team mate moved his cock towards his mouth.

Todd meekly opened his mouth and let Robert push his semi-erect cock into it. “Fuck he really is going to do it”, gasped Robert in shocked surprise. “He better do or I’ll work on his balls again”, Martine said cupping Todd’s scrotum in the palm of her right hand. Todd started to suck Roberts cock slowly at first it tasted good and felt so good in his mouth that he started to suck harder and harder with great enthusiasm. “Ye that’s better suck it hard make it good”, Maxine said. “Remember I’ve got you balls Todd”, Maxine added giving Todd’s balls a light squeeze. “Mmmm, oh shit, that’s good, fucking good”, Robert moaned his cock now fully erect and throbbing in Todd’s mouth. “He’s sucks fucking good such a good cock sucker”, Robert gasped his eyes vacant from the excited tremors surging up his cock. “Close are and so soon Rob?”, Maxine asked. “Yeah his tongue had got me can’t hold back much more”, Robert replied breathlessly.

Need to get my cock out of his mouth before I cum”, Robert added slowly withdrawing his cock from Todd’s mouth. “Why hold back Rob?”, Maxine asked grabbing and squeezing Robert’s balls. “Noooo, ..don’t, ......ohhh fuck”, Robert gasped his cock exploding. The head of his cock was all but out of Todd’s mouth as Maxine grabbed and squeezed his balls. The shock made his loose control and cum before his cock was fully out of Todd’s mouth. Spunk erupted from Robert’s cock splashing onto Todd’s face, some of it going into Todd’s mouth. Robert stared in shock as the rivulets of spunk running down Todd’s cheek and out of his open mouth.

Maxine why did you grab my balls like that you made me cum in Todd’s mouth?”, Robert asked. “Because I knew it would make you shoot in Todd’s mouth”, Maxine replied with a satisfied smile. “Fuck you are really up for this aren’t you”, Robert said to Maxine. “Yes this is so horny making a guy do these things to another”, Maxine replied. “OK Robert kneel astride Todd’s chest so he can suck you hard again”, Maxine told Robert. Todd dropped back onto the bed and lay there letting Robert kneel astride his chest and thrust his floppy cock into his mouth. “OK, Robert while Todd’s sucking you hard again I’m going to play with his cock and balls”, Maxine said grabbing Todd’s cock with her right hand and started to pump it hard and slow. Todd started to suck Robert’s floppy cock slowly making it hard again as he did so Maxine started to pump his cock and squeeze his balls. Maxine didn’t squeeze Todd’s balls too hard just enough to cause pain knowing it would make him more excited. Maxine knew that all guys whether they admitted it not liked a small amount of pain applied to their balls. She was sure that Todd probably liked his balls hurt a lot more than most guys as her wanking and squeezing had him rapidly on the brink of ejaculation. Maxine liked having a guy sexually under her control making him cum helplessly and hard. Robert wouldn’t let her go too far as far as she wanted to go. However in Todd she sensed a guy who would let her go as far as she wanted.

Todd gasped helplessly as he felt the sap rise in his violently throbbing cock. Maxine was mercilessly wanking Todd to ejaculation and it was turning him on big time. As Todd’s excitement grew, he sucked harder and harder on Robert’s cock making it stiffen faster and faster. “Oh god yes that is so good get me hard Todd get me hard”, Robert moaned excitedly. “Got you Todd, now I’m going to drain you”, Maxine said as he sensed Todd was on the brink of ejaculation. “Ohhh fucking hell”, Todd gasped out loud as his cock exploded shooting spunk up in the air then splattered back down on his belly. Maxine kept pumping Todd’s cock and squeezing his balls making sure his ejaculation was long and draining. “Fuck what you doing to him Maxine?”, Robert asked as he listened to helpless gasp of excitement. He glanced round and saw the spunk shooting out of Todd’s cock. “Making Todd cum that’s all”, Maxine replied. “Draining him dry by the look of it”, Robert stated. “Todd I wouldn’t let her control you too much you’ll be sorry”, Robert said. “Believe me you will I know”, Robert added.

You got a cock ring handy Todd?”, Maxine asked the panting sweating boy she had just made cum very hard. “Yes, ...yes,..... top draw of the dressing table”, Todd panted breathlessly. “Robert get it for me please?”, Maxine asked. Robert rummaged trough the draw and pulled out a steel cock ring that he handed to Maxine. Maxine slipped it over Todd’s semi-hard cock forcing it all the way down to the root. “Don’t go away Todd I need my little pleaser to loosen up your arse for Robert’s cock”, Maxine said slipping off the bed and searching through her shoulder bag. “Don’t worry he won’t”, Robert said thrusting his stiff cock back in Todd’s mouth. “Suck it Todd”, Robert ordered. Todd started to suck Robert’s cock quickly had Robert gasping and his cock fully hard. Maxine found what she was looking for her vibrator it was five inches long with a three quarter inch diameter. Maxine lubricated the vibrator ready to use on Todd’s arse. “Are you hard enough now to fuck Todd?”, Maxine asked. “Yeah more than”, Robert replied. “Good, spread his legs and keep them apart”, Maxine ordered. “I’m going to ease him open with this. “Fucking hell that will hurt”, Robert said wincing. “At first, but it will make it less painful when you force you cock up his arse”, Maxine replied.

Robert spread Todd’s legs apart and held them there leaving Todd’s cock, balls and arse completely exposed. Maxine ignored Todd’s semi hard cock and soft vulnerable ball and moved the head of the vibrator towards to opening of Todd’s arse. Todd watched in fascinated excitement and anticipation as the head of the vibrator got nearer and near the opening of his arse. His semi-hard cock stiffened rapidly as the vibrator got nearer to his arse. Maxine held the tip of the vibrator against the opening of Todd’s arse, teasing it, making him shiver in excitement. She smiled as she watched his cock stiffen rapidly to full erection. Maxine knew the cock ring would make his get even harder and keep him that way much longer than normal, and that was just what she wanted. Maxine pressed the tip forcing it a little way in loving the way Todd groaned as it spread his anal muscles. “Want me to stop Todd?”, Maxine asked keeping the tip of the head just slightly up Todd’s arse. “Oh god, yes please stop, it fucking hurts”, Todd replied. “Liar Todd”, Maxine said. “If it hurts so much and you don’t like it why are you so fucking hard?”, Maxine asked.

Come on Todd admit it, you like it, and want me to do it”, Maxine said. “Yes , ....OK, ..OK”, Todd replied softly his whole body shaking. “OK Todd now ask me to fuck you up the arse with this vibrator”, Maxine demanded. Todd looked at Maxine, then at Robert then back to Maxine. “Come on Todd say it you know you want to, say it now”, Maxine ordered. Maxine, please fuck me up the arse with the vibrator”, Todd said his voice breaking as his body trembled violently with excited anticipation. “Fucking hell that’s really horny making him ask you Maxine”, Robert said excitedly turned on by his girlfriend’s domination of his room mate. “My pleasure Todd”, Maxine replied forcing the vibrator slowly deeper into Todd’s arse. Todd gasped and twisted and moaned in pain as the vibrator spread and stretched his anal muscles. Todd’s mouth opened wide in a breathless gasp as the vibrato stretched and spread his sphincter. Maxine forced the vibrator all the way home and loved the way Todd couldn’t help wriggling with his arse spread and filled by the vibrator. Maxine eased the vibrator almost all the way back out before easing it all the way in again. She did this again and again making Todd moan in pain as his anal muscles and sphincter burned from being spread and stretched.

However the burning pain quickly eased as Todd’s anal muscles relaxed and accepted the invader. Soon his moans of pain turned to moans of pleasure as Maxine continued to fuck his arse with her vibrator. I didn’t take long for Maxine to have Todd writhing in excitement as she fucked him up the arse with the vibrator. Robert liked seeing Maxine get Todd so excited by fucking him up the arse with the vibrator, his cock got even harder as he watched Todd writhing helplessly in excitement.. “Oh god, .. oh fuck,’re going to make Todd cum if you don’t stop”, Robert said. “Yes that’s exactly what I’m going to do and more than once until his balls are empty”, Maxine replied. Then I’m going to ride his hard cock to as many orgasms as I can get without the worry of his cuming in me”, Maxine added. “Fucking hell you are one horny bitch”, Robert sighed. “Ok I think that’s enough fucking with the vibrator”, Maxine said pushing the vibrator all the way up Todd’s arse and leaving it there. “Now lets see how you like it throbbing up your arse Todd”, Maxine added flicking the switch on the end. The vibrator started to buzz noisily up Todd’s arse making his gasp and moan with arousal his cock twitching excitedly. “Yes Todd you like that don’t you boy”, Maxine said as she started to wank his huge bloated cock with her right hand and squeezing and giggling his balls around with her left hand. “Ohh fuck,... shit, ....shit”, Todd gasped breathlessly sweat running off his helplessly writhing body. “Got you Todd, ...fucking got you, .. haven’t I”, Maxine said triumphantly.

Oh fucking hell”, Todd yelled out loud as his cock exploded spattering his belly with spunk. Maxine kept wanking Todd’s cock and squeezing his balls, this coupled with the vibrator buzzing away up his arse made Todd’s ejaculation a long and draining one. When Todd finally stopped cuming Maxine didn’t stop wanking his cock or squeezing his balls and she didn’t removed the vibrator from his arse. “You’re going again Todd give me another load”, Maxine said. “Oh god please no, I knackered I can’t cum again like that”, Todd croaked in alarm. He winced his cock head was very sensitive like any mans immediately after ejaculation but Maxine didn’t care she just carried on mercilessly wanking Todd’s cock. It didn’t take Maxine long to get Todd gasping with excitement again and close to another ejaculation. “Yes Todd you’re hot to cum again and this one will drain your balls dry”, Maxine said excitedly as Todd started to twist and writhe helplessly again. “OK Robert watch me drain your roommates balls dry”, Maxine said as she pushed Todd over the edge. Todd grunted gasping helplessly as his cock shot another large load of spunk onto his belly. “Wow I’ve never know any boy cum so hard twice and so close together”, Robert sighed.

Todd just lay back on the bed panting heavily, body dripping with sweat, too exhausted to move or care what happened next. Maxine lubricated Todd’s hard cock before Maxine removing her bra and panties, then slid herself onto Todd’s erect cock poking up straight in the air kept hard by the right cock ring. “Oh god that feels so good, he; so big now”, Maxine sighed as she slipped all the way onto Todd’s cock. Maxine started to ride Todd’s cock slowly picking up speed moaning with excitement as she used Todd’s cock as human dildo to fuck herself. “Don’t just kneel there watching Robert”, Maxine said. “Get you cock up Todd’s arse and start fucking him. “Oh shit no”, Todd said in horror sitting up. “Yes boy Robert is going to fuck you and you can’t stop it”, Maxine replied grabbing Todd’s arms and pining them down to the bed while she continued ride his cock. “I never fucked another boy before”, Robert said hesitating. “Fucking Todd up the arse won’t make you gay he’s the bisexual he’s the one being fucked remember”, Maxine stated. “No get that cock into him and start fucking him”, Maxine added. “OK I will”, Robert replied pulling the vibrator out of Todd’s arse and dropping it on the bed were it buzzed away nosily. Robert’s cock stiffened with the excited thoughts that he was actually going to fuck his roommate up the arse.

Robert lubricated his cock then pressed his cock head against the opening of Todd’s arse and pushed the head in. “Oh fucking hell you did it Robert that’s fucking horny”, Maxine said as she shuddered as her first orgasm rippled excitedly through her body. “I really didn’t think you would she”, she added breathlessly as she had her second orgasm. Todd face contorted as Robert forced his cock into Todd’s arse. Robert’s cock was thicker and longer than the vibrator and stretched and spread Todd’s anal muscle wider. Robert pushed feeding his cock deeper into Todd’s arse making Todd groan in pain as his anal muscles and sphincter was spread wider. Todd’s anal muscles and sphincter burned with renewed ferocity making his eyes water. When Robert got his cock all the way in Todd thought he would pass out the burning pain was that intense. “Fuck he’s real tight real tight fucking hard to get it in”, Robert gasped finally getting his cock all the way in. Robert eased it almost al the way out then forced it back it in again.

Robert started to pick up speed as Todd’s anal muscles and sphincter stretched and his arse became looser and more used to the size of Robert’s cock. Robert slowly picked up speed until he was fucking Todd’s arse hard. The burning pain in Todd’s arse gave way to delight and excitement and he was soon gasping helplessly. All the time this was happening Maxine as still riding Todd’s cock having several more excited orgasms. “That’s it we have the bisexual little fucker now Robert”, Maxine said smiling to her boyfriend as she rode Todd’s cock hard. “Yeah I never though that fucking another guy up the arse could be so horny and satisfying”, Robert replied. “That’s the adrenaline rush of dominating another human being”, Maxine said. “Welcome to the club”, she added. “Glad I could make it Robert said slamming his cock in and out of Todd’s arse, making Todd twist and writhe helplessly.

Fuck him hard Robert, ... fuck him hard for me”, Maxine said turning and kissing Robert hard. Robert kissed back just as hard and slammed his cock harder and into Todd’s arse, making Todd scream with excitement. “Oh god I’m going to shoot up his arse”, Robert moaned breathlessly. “No hold that thought I want you to do that when we drain him for the last time”, Maxine said pushing Robert back making him pull his cock out of Todd’s arse.

Maxine continued to ride Todd’s cock while Robert knelt panting heavily waiting for his all but exploding cock to calm down enough to let him fuck Todd’s arse again. “Ooh shit”, as he had another orgasm. “Oh that was great OK Todd you’ve been a good boy now I’ll let you fuck me as a reward”, Maxine said slipping off Todd’s cock and lying on the bed next to him. Todd sighed he was very tired but he know it wasn’t a request. He slipped his hard cock into Maxine and started to fuck her as hard as he could. “Ohh that’s good Todd but harder faster”, Maxine moaned in excitement. Todd started to fuck Maxine faster and wondered how long he could keep it up as he was almost exhausted. “Ohh yes Todd that’s good real good”, Maxine sighed. “You ready to fuck Todd gain yet?”, Maxine asked. “Yes of course”, Robert replied and slipped his cock up Todd’s arse. Robert smiled as he felt Todd’s body stiffen when he push his cock up Todd’s arse. Robert stated to slam his cock in and out of Todd’s arse really pounding it. “Yeah he’s getting bigger fuck him harder Robert”, Maxine shouted as she had another orgasm. “OK Robert its time for us to both fuck Todd dry”, Maxine said as she started to squeeze Todd’s cock with her cunt will thrusting her cunt onto Todd’s cock . “Ohh god , ..oh fuck”, Todd moaned helplessly. “Yes Todd we are both going to fuck you dry”, Maxine said pressing her mouth to his and kissing him hard. Maxine tongue kissed Todd hard taking his breath away.

Violent tremors ran through Todd’s body and his cock jerked excitedly in Maxine’s cunt. “We got you Todd boy”, Maxine said gleefully ending her dominant tongue kiss before she made Todd pass out. “Take over Robert while I work his boy nipples”, Maxine said. Robert pulled Todd’s head round and started to tongue kiss him hard just like Maxine had done. Todd’s eyes widened in shock as more excited tremors rippled thought his cock and his cock jerked fiercely. Maxine grabbed and started to squeeze Todd’s hard erect nipples causing more excited tremor to shoot though Todd’s body. Maxine and Robert kept fucking Todd mercilessly between them, Robert tongue kissing him breathless and Maxine fiendishly teasing his nipples. “Yes Todd my cunt has your cock under total control now doesn’t”, Maxine said squeezing and fucking Todd’s cock mercilessly. “Yeah and I’ve got your arse and tongue well mastered boy”, Robert said slamming his cock rapidly in and out of Todd’s arse while tongue kissing the breath from his body. “Oh yeah I’m ready to shoot up your arse Todd right now”, Robert said to Todd after finally breaking the long breath stealing tongue kiss. “Here I go I’m shooting”, Robert shouted excitedly as his cock shot several jet of cum up Todd’s arse.

That was the end for Todd and he screamed in helplessly as his cock exploded in Maxine cunt. Maxine used her cunt muscles to milk Todd’s balls dry making his ejaculation long a exhausting. When Todd finally stopped shooting spunk into Maxine’s cunt she screamed as another orgasm tore through her body. All three of them flopped exhausted in a heap on Todd’s bed. The strain of the last forced long draining ejaculation made Todd pass out. Robert pulled his softening cock out of Todd’s arse and rolled Todd onto his back then lay wearily beside him. Maxine rolled onto her back the other side of Todd and lay panting heavily for a minute or two. She then sat up on her elbow and reached for Todd’ scrotum. Maxine started to play with Todd’s balls squeezing them quite hard. “Come on Maxine give him a break you can’t leave”, a guys balls alone can you”, Robert said feeling sorry for Todd. He knew just what a bitch she could be when she played with a guys’ balls. “OK I’ll wait till he wakes up them ask him and I bet he lets me”, Maxine replied letting go of Todd’s balls. “Thanks”, Robert said.

Don’t thank me to soon boy”, Maxine said reaching and grabbing Roberts scrotum”, Maxine said. “Oh fuck no please”, Robert gasped in shock as Maxine squeezed his balls. “I’ve not done this for far too long Robert”, Maxine said squeezing Robert s balls. “Oh fucking hell please Maxine you know I hate it”, Robert groaned painfully. “Yeah and you know I just love doing it to your balls”, Maxine replied. “When you let me and that’s hardly ever”, she added. “Oh fuck where am I, what’s going on”, Todd said groggily as he came round feeling terrible. “Oh hi Todd we just both fucked you unconscious”, Maxine replied. “Oh god yes I remember now”, Todd sighed softly. “What you doing what’s wrong with Robert why is he groaning?”, Todd asked. “Just amusing myself with his balls while I waited for you to come round”, Maxine replied. “Well go ask him then you can leave my balls alone”, Robert said painfully his face flushed red. “Ask me what?”, Todd asked. I want to play with your balls Todd”, Maxine replied. “I love playing with a boys balls, can I, it will hurt?”, she added. “Ok why not”, Todd replied shivering a little with fear an anticipation. “Great, Robert doesn’t like me playing with his balls “, Maxine said. “Because you fucking hurt them too much”, Robert retorted. “But I’m sure you will like me doing it to you Todd”, Maxine added releasing Robert’s balls and taking hold of Todd’s scrotum.

Maxine squeezed Todd’s balls quite hard making him groan, but he didn’t move or try to stop her. Todd’s cock was still kept fully erect by the cock ring it was dark and shiny the skin almost translucent. It twitched excitedly as Maxine squeezed Todd’s balls. “How much can you take Todd?”, Maxine asked staring into Todd’s face as she continued to squeeze his balls. “Oh fuck my balls my balls”, Todd moaned shaking his head. “Tell her to stop don’t let her keep doing it to you Todd”, Robert said. “He likes me doing it to him, its another form of submission, he likes being controlled by a female don’t you Todd”, Maxine said. “Yeah I must do”, Todd groaned as Maxine continued to work on his balls. “OK Todd I suppose that’s enough”, Maxine said letting go of Todd’s balls. Todd cupped his balls and lay there moaning softly waiting for the pain to ease. “You know Todd your one hot bisexual fuck”, Maxine said. “Some of my friends would love to do this to you and see their boyfriends fuck you and make you suck their boyfriends cock”, Maxine added.

Maybe you should become a bisexual rent boy for couples”, Robert said jokingly. “It would earn you more money that house sitting”, he added. “Hey that’s not a bad idea”, Maxine said. “You’re bound to do this again Todd so why not get paid for it”, she added. “Yeah I suppose so never thought of charging for it though”, Todd said. “You can advertise on the bulletin board a few females two gay guys and one straight guy offer their service via it”, Maxine said. “I can take a photo of your naked body with that should be a good selling point”, Maxine added taking a photo of Todd with her camera phone. “Hey no not with the cock ring on”, Todd protested. “What do you think Robert?”, Maxine asked showing Robert he picture she’d just taken. “Very sexy but I think Todd’s right about the cock ring”, Robert replied. “OK, I’ll take it off and do it again”, Maxine said. Maxine tugged the cock ring off Todd’s cock and it started to droop immediately. She then took another picture with her phone and studied it. “What do you think of this one Robert?”, Maxine asked. “Yeah better much more suitable”, Robert replied. “I don’t know there is still something I don’t like”, Maxine said studying the photo closely. She then took a picture of Robert s naked body. Maine showed Robert first his photo then Todd’s. “Tell me the difference?”, Maxine asked. “Well apart from one is Todd and one is me there not much difference”, Robert replied. “Exactly he looks like any other heterosexual guy”, Maxine said. “There is nothing to mark him out as different bisexual”, she added.

Wait a minute I have an idea lets get rid of his body hair, shave him that will make look different, more bisexual”, Maxine said. “More gay you mean”, Robert stated. “No without all the body hard and pubes Todd will less the run off the mill wham, bang, thank, you mam, heterosexual male”, she replied. “We can do it now I have my stuff with me”, Maxine said. Maxine did hair dressing to help pay her way through university. “Hey hang on a minute don’t I get a say in this?”, Todd asked. “Come on Todd without hair you’ll look much better in your ad”, Maxine said. “I know my friends will find you more attractive as a bisexual rent boy if you don’t have any upper body hair “, she added. “Well I’m not sure Todd said, looking at his hairy chest and belly and thick thatch of pubes. “I’m quite attached to my body hair he added. “Go on Todd do it for me”, Maxine said. “OK then but just mu chest and belly”, Todd replied reluctantly. “I’ll get my electric clippers, you get his shaving kit Robert”, Maxine said. Maxine got the electric clippers form her bag.

Maxine plugged the clippers in and switched them on the buzzed noisily. Todd started at his chest in fascination as Maxine ran the clippers over his chest removing the triangle of curly hairs leaving only short stubble. “Here I have his razor and foam”, Robert said. “OK Robert shave his chest while I do his belly with the clippers”, Maxine replied. Todd watched Robert cover his chest with foam the shave it whisper clean, he kept glance down at Maxine was removing all the curly hair from his belly right down the waistband line where his underwear would start. She didn’t stop there, she kept on shearing all the curly brown hair off, right up t the thick thatch of curly brown pubes around Todd’s cock and balls.

OK that’s his chest done shall I do his belly now?”, Robert asked. “Yes of course”, Maxine replied. She watched Robert foam Todd belly and start to shave it. Then to his horror, Maxine used the clippers on Todd’s pubic hair, mowing great holes in the deep thatch around his cock and balls. “Hey no I said just my chest and belly”, Todd protested. “Sorry Todd I forgot but its too late now to stop”, Maxine replied shearing the rest of Todd’s pubes with the clippers. Todd watched the deep thick thatch around his cock and balls disappear, his cock looked different maybe smaller, much less impressive or imposing .

Foam his cock and balls I’ll shave these beauties myself”, Maxine said taking the razor off Robert. Todd’s cock had stiffened a little while Maxine was shearing his pubes with the clippers. It got even stiffer when Robert foamed his cock and balls. When Maxine took Todd’s cock in her hand and moved the razor towards it, it got harder to almost a full erection. Todd watch transfixed with fear and fascination as Maxine shaved his cock and balls whisper clean. Robert wiped Todd’s chest and belly with a towel but, Maxine insisted on cleaning Todd’s groin area. “OK that looks much better now”, Maxine said pleased with her handy work. Todd stared down at his denuded chest and belly also completely hairless cock and balls. “Your cock look so much cuter like this Todd”, Maxine said. She took another picture of Todd’s body yes much more suitable” she said. “Don’t you agree Robert?”, Maxine asked. “Yes I suppose so”, Robert said giggling. “Wait till the rest of the team see you naked Todd with no body hair or pubes”, Robert said gleefully. Todd shook his head wondering what he’d got himself into.

Todd lay on her bed still naked, still trying to come to terms with his shaved body. He could hear Maxine and Robert giggling as the complied an ad for him on the electric bulletin board. That should get his plenty of customers”, Maxine said. I know my friends will flip when I show them the photo and tell them what happened today”, Maxine added. “You think they will pay £40 a session”, Robert asked. “Yes my friends would consider that cheap to see Todd suck their boyfriend and their boyfriend fuck Todd”, Maxine replied. “Lets make it £40 for a two hour session that should be long enough”, Maxine said typing away on the keyboard. “Then £60 for anything longer”, she added. “Yeah looks good”, Robert told her. “OK I’ll post it”, Maxine said. “You’re now officially a bisexual rent boy Todd”, Maxine told Todd. Maxine climbed onto the bed and kissed Todd hard while clasping and squeezing his balls. “Hey please not my balls again”, Todd moaned. “Sorry can’t keep my hands off them now there so cute looking without all those pubes”, Maxine replied.

By friar Copyright 2010

Extract from a longer story

The story takes up after Todd had been raped and turned bi by the burglars